Before you allow anyone to enter your commercial or residential property, it is very important that you first know that they can be trusted, especially when they’re going to deal with trees. As a matter of fact, you want to ensure that they know everything what they are supposed to do and that they have all the required equipment and documents to complete any projects related to your trees. Having said that, if you do not know what questions you need to ask or you don’t bother interrogating them for that matter, then, there is a good possibility that you will just end up being scammed or fooled, and your trees may suffer the consequences. The following are some of the few necessary questions you initially need to ask the tree care company you want to hire to make sure that you’re doing the right decision: 


Are your service providers certified arborists and fully insured? 

This is probably one of the most vital questions you need to ask the tree care company. A professional and well-established tree care company will definitely have insurance documentation and licensing as evidence of their professionalism. In addition to that, tree works are not as simple as some may think. In fact, there are a lot of risks involved in it. If the tree company you hired does not have the liability insurance, then, you’ll be responsible for any injuries or damages they make in your residential or commercial property, or even to someone’s property as well. 

Ask them about the workplace safety insurance in order to make sure that they protect their staff as they protect your trees. This kind of insurance isn’t a pre-requisite for any tree care companies however, a tree care company which has it, only show the conscientiousness in the task. 

Ask about their nature of experience in the industry. You need to ask the professional arborist these following questions if you want to hire them to work with you: 

  • From what company did you undergo your training from? 
  • When and where did you acquire your current trainings and certifications? 
  • How long have you been, specifically in years, in the tree care industry? 

Do not get easily fooled by smooth-talks. Not all tree care companies are similar to each other and that means, not all companies provide you with the same level of service. Aside from that, you should also ensure to hire a tree service provider that is always updated in practices and skills. It is very important to avail the services of the tree care company which has already faced the same case that you have since it would be much easier for them to accomplish the project that way. With that being said, the process of tree removal can be continuous and the outcome can be shown to you in no time. However, with tree trimming and pruning, the evidence of wrongful execution will be witnessed as long as the tree erects in your property. Contact a professional Bellevue tree service for more information.